Award-winning studio Angus Muir Design, works at the intersection of people, space and objects. Dedicated to renewing and revitalising spaces while acknowledging their history, Angus Muir Design balances these three components to architect a mesmeric experience, unique and specific to each project and site. Angus Muir Design’s portfolio features a broad range of permanent and temporary projects, with an end-to-end design and installation service for every client - whether it be an event, interactive project, private commission, interior project, public work, or advertising/corporate sector assignment.

Angus Muir Design consists of a diverse and tight-knit team with varied experiences and skillsets, enhancing the company’s united and rigorous approach to projects. Keen collaborators, the studio work regularly with other industry leaders in specialised fabrication and services.

The studio team works concurrently on a number of international projects, striving towards providing innovative, stimulating and brief-specific solutions for every client. Angus Muir Design are at the vanguard of research and development, always looking for ways to bring new life to the personal and collective experience of spaces.